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SpiritualiTEAS is committed to providing customers with the best all natural tasting tea blends.



SpiritualiTEAS fosters a culture that strives to create a sense of curiosity into the tea world.

In 2014, SpiritualiTEAS was established out of a passion for tea by owner, Vena Carter. This evolution was inspired from tea parties with her mother.  Before her mom’s heavenly journey, it was a dream for her to see this business flourish. Therefore, Vena embarked on a mission to share her passion of unique blends of tea designed to allow tea lovers around the world to Steep, Sip and Savor.


  Vena took to learning about tea into her own hands and, from there, SpiritualiTEAS was birthed. SpiritualiTEAS is an infused herbal tea business that curates experiences. All products are hand-crafted and 100% of these natural gourmet teas provide health benefits.

  One added bonus to this brand for those who like products infused, SpiritualiTEAS’ special teas are sure to have you twisted – Let the libations flow.  

  As a former educator who believes in incorporating youth in her business, a future goal for SpiritualiTEAS is to open a local café to develop inner city youth, who are chronically truant and absent, with the tools and knowledge to successfully graduate from high school with a social entrepreneurial mindset and build a foundation of business aptitude to utilize as building blocks toward their future.

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Vena E. Carter - Chief Tea Connoisseur